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            FM/HD In-Box Processors: Emergency Player


            The emergency audio player is not just a file audio player...

            This option offers 3 audio music libraries, two for music (ie: Hits and Golds) plus one dedicated library for jingles.

            We introduce Programming rules...

            Yes, Emergency Player is able to make a professional radio program with a complete set of rules (ie: 5 hits, then 1 gold and insert I jingle every 3 titles!). No stress if something happens, listeners will not notice anything wrong in their favorite radio.

            Playing files professionally...

            It is well known, in radio next track is always pushed on air before the end of previous one (we are not talking about cross fades, but the overlap!) When others are just playing files one after the other... We give the possibility to start next track a few time before the previous, this is the Early Next function, then nobody can imagine that On Air radio is running on a program backup!

            We hide problems...

            Instead of switching directly from current music to anew one in case of program failure, we always start the program backup by a Jingle, that sounds really much more professional!

            The SD card, the right choice...

            Today capacities, reliability and prices are there, this is why we chose this technology, with SD card we can get hours and hours of audio files!